Press & Career Highlights



The Untz - Beat Kitty wants to know: 'Are You That Somebody?'

July 2019 by Anand Harsh

DJ Mag - Bubblin’ - Fresh Acts Rising

June 2019 by Ashlyn Fukton

The Dropz - Top 10 Sets at Emissions

May 2019 by The Dropz

Wook of Wallstreet - Elements Lakewood 2019: The Magic Continues

May 30, 2019 by Shawn Russel Johnson

The Drop BK - Exclusive Feature + Mix

May 20, 2019 by The Drop

Footwork Jungle - Beat Kitty x OhNo! feat Nova Zef Premiere of Chowder

April 24, 2019 by Anna Morgan

Run The Trap - Bamboo Bass Festival 2019 was an Indelible Year of Growth & Discovery

March 27, 2019 by Gina Senegor

Wook of Wallstreet - Beauty In the Backyard Hosts Eclectic Lineup of Forward-Thinking Female Artists

October 10, 2018 by Shawn Russel Johnson


Date                  City                   Name

07/27/19 Denver, Co Subverted x SubmMission Warehouse Takeover

07/26/19 Santa Fe, NM Meow Wolf: Direct support for Baauer

07/20/19 Taos, NM Supporting iLL-esha w/ Kanizzle & Wyatt Lawson

07/06-07/09/19 Belden Town, CA Priceless Festival

05/25-05/27/19 Belden Town, CA Emissions Festival

05/24/10 Lakewood, PA Elements Music and Arts Festival

05/19/19 Las Vegas, NV EDC Las Vegas

05/02-05/06/19 Trinity Country, CA Deep Summit Festival

04/15/19 Brooklyn, NY Konkrete Jungle

04/12/19 Brooklyn. NY Sermon Presents: Tri-state throw down

3/01/19 Brooklyn, NY Junxion Presents: Carnival

02/22-02/24/19 Jaco, Costa Rica Bamboo Bass Music Festival

02/09/19 Providence, RI Manifest Presents: Lusid, Beatkitty, Zoo Logic & Terraphorm

01/20/19 San Francisco, CA Soundpieces presents Anna Morgan, OnHell, Beat Kitty & Ryury

01/19/19 Brooklyn, NY Bamboo Bass Festival Pre-Party

12/19/18 Oakland, CA Wormhole Wednesday ft Stylust Beats

12/18/18 San Francisco, CA Sounpieces presents Beat Kitty - Awesome Sweater Party

12/14/18 Richmond, VA Drum Circle Productions presents KLL sMTH

11/30/18 Brooklyn, NY Worst Behavior: Sully, The Librarian, DJ Madd

10/26/12 Brooklyn, NY Mystic’s Playground feat Huxley Anne & Pendulum People

10/20/18 Washington D.C. Sunset & Chill feat Beat Kitty

10/18/18 New York, NY The Get Down feat. Beat Kitty @ Cielo

10/12-10/14/18 Darlington, MD Beauty in the Backyard

09/21-09/23/18 Artemas, PA Bass Harvest Music Festival feat 6Blocc

09/07/18                      Brooklyn, NY                    H<3ART Beats supporting ill Gates + Champagne Drip

07/21/18                      Marvin's Mountaintop      Transformus w/ Party Liberation Front

06/22/18                      Taos, NM                          A Mad Tea Party

06/14-06/17                Shuylkill, PA                       Fahrenheit Flow Arts Festival 2018

06/09/18                      Baltimore, MD                  The Bass Space Pop-up Party Ft. Beat Kitty Soohan & Bunk Buddha

05/31/18                      Brooklyn, NY                     Make It Clap Video Premier feat Beat Kitty, Monikkr, & TT The Artist

05/19/18                      Brooklyn, NY                     Icarus Presents: Hunters & Hunted

05/17/18                      Brooklyn, NY                     Make it Clap - Track Release

05/12/18                      Washington, DC                Mischief presents: Cross-Pollination feat. Beat Kitty & Ninja!

04/28/18                      Brooklyn, NY                     Wonderland Presents: The Wonderland Before Time

04/21/18                      Brooklyn, NY                     Transmission feat MAMBISA

04/12/18                      Brooklyn, NY                     Vayu - Track Release

04/06/18                      Richmond, VA                   PLF Pyro Circus/Gallery5 13th Anniversary April First Friday

03/30/18                      Philadelphia, PA                Tree of Life feat. Beat Kitty

03/20/18                      Brooklyn, NY                      Ecstatic Dance feat Djs Kol & Beat Kitty

03/10/18                      Durham, NC                       BOWIE BALL! A Night of Glam Pop-Rock Fusion in Celebration of David Bowie

02/17/18                      Brooklyn, NY                      Wonderland Presents: Love Kills

01/23/18                      Brooklyn, NY                      XOXA’s House of Senses: F A T E

01/13/18                      Philadelphia, PA                 Mirth

12/16/17                      Washington, DC                 Mischief presents: Naughty Snowball 9 - Sleigh Runner

12/15/17                      Brooklyn, NY                       HEAVY #15

12/07/17                      Brooklyn, NY                       Ori Moonlight Market

11/04/17                      Brooklyn, NY                       Giving Thanks 2017: 35X the FUN

11/10/17                      Brooklyn, NY                       Stay Tropical

10/28/17                      New Orleans, LA                 Gold & Booty - An Underwater Soiree

10/06/17                      Richmond, VA                     Freakeasy Speakeasy

09/22/17                      Baltimore, MD                     Soohan - Collective Effervescence Album Release

07/27/17                      Brooklyn, NY                       Junxion Presents: One Summer Night

07/14/17                      Keansburg, NJ                    Gratitude Migration Festival

07/10/17                      Brooklyn, NY                       Chandra - Album Release

07/01/17                      Darlington, MD                   PEX Summerfest

07/10/17                      Brooklyn, NY                      Chandra - Track Release

06/17/17                      Brooklyn, NY                      Junxion Presents: Down Where it's Wetter

06/09/17                      Schuylkill, PA                     Fahrenheit Flow Arts Festival

05/20/17                      Brooklyn, NY                      Icarus & Junxion Present: Descent

05/06/17                      Philadelphia, PA                Fairy-Tale AF: Presented by Bangarang and Vitamin B

04/15/17                      Montreal, QC                     Cirque De Boudoir : Bunny Vs Kitty 

04/07/17                      Richmond, VA                   PLF Presents: Music Box -  Family Jewels

04/01/17                      Brooklyn, NY                     Wonderland New York

03/31/17                      Brooklyn, NY                      Vitamin B featuring Star Eyes

03/25/17                      Philadelphia, PA                Spaaaaa Party

03/24/17                      Brooklyn, NY                      The Keep feat. Beat Kitty

02/24/17                      Brooklyn, NY                      Vitamin B featuring Agent 137

01/27/17                      Brooklyn, NY                      Vitamin B 8 Year Anniversary with Doctor Jeep

09/02/16                      Brooklyn, NY                      Junxion Presents: Get Lit: Misfit Burn

12/08/16                      Detroit, MI                          Ice Queen Presents: 

12/06/16                      Brooklyn, NY                      A Very JunXion Xmas

10/29/16                      Brooklyn, NY                     JunXion Crossroads: A Haunted Masquerade

10/17/16                      Baltimore, MD                   Monarch Mind Control feat Shlump                  

09/10/16                      Brooklyn, NY                     GHOUSE

06/24/16                      Brooklyn, NY                     Transmission

06/03/16                      Honesdale, PA                   Freeform Arts Festival 2016

04/23/16                      Brooklyn, NY                     Beat Street 4: Babes Of Bass Edition

03/12/16                      Brooklyn, NY                     HEAVY

01/15/16                      Brooklyn, NY                     Gratitude Presents: Hearts of Fire

10/31/15                      NY, NY                               The Good People of New York Present: Ultratoomba

10/02/15                      Philadelphia, PA                Cosmic as F*ck: Presented by Bangarang and The Athena Collective

07/25/15                      NY, NY                                Vitamin B & NYC Bass Collective present Beat Street feat Keith Mackenzie.

06/27/15                     Brooklyn, NY                       GHOUSE

05/23/15                     Bethel, NY                           Mysterland